About us

Stefanplast has a fifty-year history behind. Time has certainly allowed us to build up a comprehensive knowledge of the amazing material we use: plastic. Beyond and against the times, we have always kept the challenge of continuous renovation alive, a tenacious ability to look ahead to the future, imagining and inventing new shapes, different products, interpreting and preempting the needs of our customers. In terms of ideas and innovation, Stefanplast has always been the symbol of contemporary styling.

Stefanplast in numbers

77.000 sqm total area
8.000 sqm production area
30.000 sqm covered area
3.500 ton max clamping force of our injection molding machines
15.500 ton finished products
50 mil items per year
23.000 sqm
storage area conceived
for the finished products

"By virtue of our fully automated finished product warehousing (23.000 sqm), the company can fill customer's orders in extremely short lead times"